US borders forever

by Julen

It seems to be another example of web 2.0. Let’s participate in maintaining walls of shame through a web site. That’s the idea of US authorities (yes, I’ve said ‘authorities’) about web 2.0. Directly to racial profiling.

A US state has begun testing a website that aims to police illegal immigration by offering web users surveillance footage from the Mexican border.
The site intends to give web users the chance to virtually patrol the Texas border and contact the authorities if they spot seemingly illegal crossings.

According to this article on BBC News, web users can collaborate (another great word) with authorities (the second necessary shit). Do you want to be a big brother? Perversion and hypocrisy, these are the attitudes behind betrayers.

Meanwhile, things are ok. In Irak they are going to kill another one.

Vía Smart Mobs.

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