The tragedy of the corporation

by Julen

Really suggestive the post from On The Commons. Jonathan Rowe gives us a few questions to think about: The Tragedy of the Corporation.

  • Are companies in a hurry to grow and grow even losing their very start aims?
  • The appetite of corporations, as a whole, is throwing away our credidibility on the floor?
  • Can we believe in corporations and markets as the only way of understanding this glocalized world?
  • The institutional machinery of corporations is guiding people to consider that funky business is unavoidable and no opposition can be posed?

This a good simile: it is like a crocodile.

This is the tragedy of the corporation. It is like a crocodile – an appetite without a shut-off switch. It just keeps coming and coming; and now most of the world is going into the maw, from earth’s atmosphere to the mental atmosphere, the gene pool to children’s play. That is why – the main reason at least – we must resurrect the commons. We need to establish a boundary to the corporation’s appetite, one that is not entirely dependent upon the political winds in Washington. And we need to cultivate this parallel realm of productivity and value that supplies what the corporate market cannot, and that it increasingly destroys.

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