Hinchcliffe: corolario empresa 2.0

by Julen

Me ha parecido muy interesante el resumen que Dion Hinchcliffe nos presenta en su último artículo Web 2.0 definition updated and Enterprise 2.0 emerges. Ya tendremos tiempo de hincarle el diente.

  • Harnessing Collective Intelligence:This describes architectures of participation that embraces the effective use of network effects and feedback loops to create systems that get better the more that people use them.
  • Data is the Next «Intel Inside»: A phrase that captures the fact that information that information has become as important, or more important, than softare, which has become relentlessly commoditized.
  • Innovation in Assembly: The Web has become a massive source of small pieces of data and services, loosely joined, increasing the recombinant possibilities and unintended uses of systems and information.
  • Rich User Experiences: The Web page has evolved to become far more than HTML markup and now embodies full software experiences that enable interaction and immersion in innovative new ways.
  • Software Above the Level of a Single Device: Software like the horizontally federated blogosphere (hundreds of blog platforms and aggregators) or the vertically integrated iTunes (server farm + online store + iTunes client + iPods) are changing our software landscape.
  • Perpetual Beta: Software releases are disappearing and continuous change is becoming the norm.
  • Leveraging the Long Tail: The mass servicing of micromarkets cost effectively via the Web is one of the new «killer business models» made possible by the Internet.
  • Lightweight Software/Business Models and Cost Effective Scalability: Everything from Amazon’s S3, to RSS, to Ruby on Rails are changing the economics of online software development fundamentally, providing new players powerful new weapons against established players and even entire industries.

Es un buen punto de partida para tratar de descubrir qué aporta a la gestión de nuestras empresas. Un día de estos retomaremos nuestra versión de la empresa 2.0. A veces tengo la impresión que detrás de todo esto hay un excesivo peso de la tecnología. Pienso que las personas deberían aparecer con más intensidad en este panorama. Eso de la inteligencia colectiva vía participación está bien, pero algo más tendremos que decir, ¿no?

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