Howard Rheingold con nuevo proyecto

by Julen

Una de las referencias básicas que sigo en este mundo mundial es la de Howard Rheingold, con quien colaboramos vía CooperationCommons. Pues bien, a través de On the Commons Blog leo que hay nuevo proyecto. Lo copio literalmente:

Internet guru Howard Rheingold will speak at the launch a new institute to pioneer a unique model of collaborative research in creative technologies at De Montfort University (DMU) Leicester later this month.
The Institute of Creative Technologies (IOCT) at DMU, headed by Professor Andrew Hugill, will act as a catalyst for research that defies the traditional boundaries of computer science, the digital arts and humanities, and is already exciting the interest of the business world.
It will develop research projects, showcase work, present lectures and seminars, and open for visitor days. Guests will be greeted by cutting-edge technology including acoustic installations, ground-breaking holography, and roaming colonies of robot creatures, including ants and dogs.
At the launch on 20 September, Rheingold who will be a Visiting Professor at the IOCT, will give a keynote address on “Cooperation and the Revival of the Commons”, calling for a new landscape of inter-disciplinary cooperation to facilitate innovation.
Rheingold said: “Now that commons-based resources such as the Internet, the human genome, scientific knowledge, and the electromagnetic spectrum are threatened by enclosure, the way land-based commons were enclosed centuries ago, it is important to understand the interdisciplinary foundations of cooperative behaviour that enable people to act in their self-interest and at the same time create a resource that enriches everyone – such as the World Wide Web, Wikipedia, or open-source software.”

Estaremos atentos a la pantalla.

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