ERP y empresa 2.0

by Julen

Interesantes, como siempre, los comentarios de Ross Mayfield en SAPPHIRE Blogger Corps acerca de SAP y modelos alternativos con enfoque web 2.0 que se desarrollan vía blogs.

The competitive anti drives this spend, but a good part of the industry has moved towards SaaS, open source distribution, and ad hoc events as alternatives. Initially this happened because of necessity (SAP itself froze such spending just before the bust, .pdf). Hasso Platner once remarked that one day buyers will simply serve themselves through their site. Beyond self-service, community models are beginning to support this shift.

El caso es que una buena piedra de toque para ver que la empresa 2.0 existe será asistir a la evolución de los ERP, esos mastodontes que arrasan con cualquier mortal que pretenda hacerles frente. Citando el caso de la presencia de bloggers en una conferencia de SAP, Ross recapacita sobre su influencia:

  • The leading enterprise bloggers participated in the conference. They didn’t feel handled and while there was a bit of controversy in posts, nothing became a crisis.
  • A wiki with open editing was used responsibly as the center of activity, without an edit war
  • Executive interviews and exposure resulted in conversations beneficial for all parties
  • A blogger corps convened as an excersize in easy group forming that leveraged a backchannel to make sense of complexity in a constructive way
  • The quality of blog posts, rare with any event, was substantial and gained outside coverage
  • The same blogger corps now has a shared experience around the SAP brand that will probably influence future opinions

Información del SAPPHIRE ’06

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