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by Julen

And of course, tanto va el cántaro a la fuente…, that Michel Bauwens, from P2P Foundation, has established contact with this humble human blogger. Thanks a lot for it, Michel. That’s blogging, simple as life, isn’t it?

I post this because from now on I will try to write some articles in english. I suppose all of us must assume that this is the language in order to facilitate communication. Nevertheless, I have some personal contradictions about that because I think that language is not impartial and ingenuous. Globalization is a very powerful machine and we must work in order to defend and respect diversity as a general issue. Well… I wanted to say that… and I’ve done it. That’s for my conscience, have you listened to me? Thank you, darling.

In the near future I will try to write some posts concerned to p2p and cooperative movement [I suppose there will be some language mistakes so I apologize for them in advance]. Those who read this blog know that my bio has to do with Mondragon Cooperative Corporation MCC and I’m trying to research on new points of view about how some new IT technologies (specially those around Web 2.0 and Company 2.0) can help the management. It is about both humans and technologies; these ones as facilitators of communication within organizations. And if possible, specifically within cooperative companies.

So, this is the first step. It deals with what I hope to write about. Give me time, please. thank you.

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Alorza 09/02/2006 - 10:29

How would you say «Consultoría artesana en la red» in English?

Nice 09/02/2006 - 19:55

Yes, I agree with your that the language is not so innocent. Something similar happen with Spanish and Basque. The firts one allows you to contact more and more diverse people but the second ones connects you with your roots. And for a sane growth and necessary the roots, no?


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